“Now, dogs will protect cats. We do live in strange times,” chuckled Felix. “Not just cats, the Big Cats,” added Scorch mischievously. The Gifted Four were discussing the Indian Government’s plan to have a dog squad protect the cheetahs. 
“Are you talking about the news from Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India,” asked Verum. 
“Yes, we are,” said Felix, adding further, “On September 17, the Indian government released five male and three female cheetahs at the Kuno National Park. They were flown to India from Namibia. It was the first-ever international translocation of the animals,” said Felix. 
“India did not have cheetahs till date,” remarked Orak, a bit surprised. 
“Of course it did! But 70 years ago. Cheetahs in India were declared extinct in 1952 because of regular hunting,” replied Felix.
“Cheetahs are known as the fastest land animals,” chimed in Scorch.
“The Indian Government is being very protective of the newly-transported animals. It has decided to hire about six dogs to protect them,” said Felix. 
“But aren’t cheetahs bigger, faster, and stronger than dogs,” Orak prompted.  
“Yes, they are. But dogs are better at sensing and tracking,” Verum added. 
“Yes,” said Felix, “The Big Cats will receive protection from the German Shepherds, a breed of dogs. These dogs are under training for seven months at the Tibetan Border Police Force’s National Training Center for Dogs. This training is to improve their tracking abilities.
There are plenty of success stories where dogs have helped in the arrest of poachers (illegal hunters) and protect the wildlife.” 
“That is great. I hope that with this, cheetahs will remain in India and create a growing, diverse population,” Scorch said. 
“I hope for the same,” Verum said.