“Mysticals! My crystal ball has fetched some concerning news,” said Verum in an alarmed tone, “The key to Nelson Mandela’s jail cell is up for auction. He was one of South Africa’s anti-apartheid leaders and was put into the prison for the same. ”

An auction is an event where goods or services are sold to the person who bids the highest amount.

She added, “United States-based Guernsey’s Auctions will auction this key on 28th January. It is expected to fetch nearly one million dollars.”

For many, many years, some people have wrongly believed that people with a certain skin color (usually white) are better than people with other skin colors (usually black or brown), and so, they deserve more rights or privileges. This belief is called racism. It is found in different parts of the world in different forms.

In South Africa, racism based on skin color became a system of governance called ‘apartheid’. Under this system, the black and white population of South Africa were supposed to live separate lives in separate areas. Nelson Mandela was an important leader of the anti-apartheid moment. For this, he spent 27 long years in prison. Out of these years, he spent 18 years at a prison called Robben Island. The key from his jail cell here is being auctioned.

Mandela later became the country’s first democratically elected president.

“Why is that concerning?” said Felix, “Things are put up for auction all the time.”

“Yes, but South Africa has taken urgent steps to stop the auction from taking place,” said Verum, “The key might have reached the auctioneers through dubious means.

I am concerned because I think the Bruha might be involved.”

“If you think so, let’s track her,” said Orak. Verum found Bruha’s location in no time via her crystal ball. The Mysticals set out to call her out.

Verum said, “Bruha! Why are you messing with Mandela’s key?”

The Bruha crackled evilly and said, “What key? I don’t know anything about a key.”

Felix flicked his wand and the spell forced the Bruha to speak the truth. She said, “No, it wasn’t me.”

“Then who was it?” wondered Orak. On checking the Book of Everything, Orak revealed, “Here, it says Mandela’s jailer, Christo Brand, might have been the one behind this.”