Mysticals were playing a football match at Elementia Sports Week. It was the quarterfinals between Seers Tribe vs. Warrior Tribe. During the interval, Scorch said, “Whoa! That was one fun game. But what am waiting for is this year’s quarterfinal lineup in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. There are a lot of surprises this year.”
“Hey! I remember that!” jumped Felix blowing a vuvuzela, the sound of which pierced through the din of the crowd, “I remember you told us about some eight teams making their debut this year and something about two countries hosting it. What’s the news!”
“That’s right, Felix,” shrieked Scorch, adding, “Two countries, Australia and New Zealand, are hosting the women’s FIFA World Cup this year. FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association. It’s an international governing body of football.
And the news is FIFA World Cup has given many surprises to soccer fans.
Many countries coming up, you’ll! Brace yourselves!
Surprise Number 1: England defeated the nine-time African champion Nigeria to reach the quarterfinal.
Surprise Number 2: Olympic gold medalist team Canada, Euro 2022 finalist team Germany, and South American champion team Brazil were all knocked out in the earlier rounds.”
Felix, Verum and Orak gasped in unison, “That is a huge turn of events,” now Felix shrieked, too.
“There is more, you three,” continued Scorch.
“Surprise Number 3: The four-time and the current champion USA lost to Sweden in the pre-quarterfinal stage.
Surprise Number 4: Countries that debuted this year – South Africa, Morocco, and Jamaica – played very well. That’s all for surprises.”
“It’s so exciting,” said Orak.
“I agree, and thrilling! There are 32 teams and with so many surprises at the start of the World Cup, imagine what the finals would be like!” said Felix, blowing the vuvuzela, louder now.
“We must watch the FIFA finals! But for now, let’s see if you, Seers, can beat my Warriors,” Scorch winked at Verum.