The Gifted Four were enjoying playing Jenga. As Orak almost let a block fall, Felix remembered a discovery, “Just like we can use Jenga blocks again and again, end number of times, humans and Mysticals could soon use plastic that is ‘infinitely recyclable’.”

“Infinitely means forever and recyclable means that which can be used again and again and agai…”

Scorch shushed Orak and said, in a rather stern voice, “We know the meanings!”

Orak shrugged his shoulders and giggled.

“That’s a brilliant idea. Who discovered it,” Verum was interested to know more.

“Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, United States. Today, at least 90% of the plastic that humans use is not recyclable, meaning it cannot be used again and plastic usually remains in the soil or the ocean forever, which is very, very bad for the environment.

Plastic waste builds up and leads to many disasters such and pollution such as soil pollution, water pollution, and food pollution.

In a study that was published recently, these researchers said they have successfully engineered microbes (or tiny organisms such as bacteria) that can help make recyclable plastic.

Their study showed that this plastic can easily break down and can be used many times.”

“Woah, that’s insane! Does this amazing kind of plastic have a name,” Scorch asked.

“It’s called poly-diketoenamine, or PDK. It took me a few hours to get the name right,” Felix winked.

“I’m so glad scientists discovered PDK. Fossil fuels are so limited, and any plastic made from them can’t be fully reused for making new products. This will be so helpful,” Orak joyfully commented.

The Gifted Four continued playing Jenga, happy about the developments in the human world to help Planet Earth.