Felix was sitting in the Elementia Magic School’s library. He wanted to post a tweet about a discovery of a new plant. When he opened his laptop, he was surprised. 
“Hey Scorch, Twitter’s iconic blue bird is not there. I see an X. What happened? Is my account hacked?” said Felix.
“Twitter’s blue bird is no more, Felix. Twitter’s new chief executive officer (CEO), Elon Musk, recently unveiled the new logo for the social media app – a black and white X,” informed Scorch in a hushed tone and hid under the study table to take a quick bite of her sandwich
“Why did Musk change the logo?” Feix was curious.
“Since Musk took over Twitter last year, he made some drastic changes as he wanted to rebrand Twitter and give it a new look. It’s called rebranding. Research shows that when a company is in trouble or losing its followers, then rebranding or giving it a new look can help the company.”
“What is rebranding?” asked Felix.
“Rebranding is changing a company’s symbol, mission, vision, strategies, etc. to meet the newer trends,” explained Scorch, “Musk wanted to rebrand Twitter. Musk has big plans for Twitter. He wants to add other functions on the platform such as booking taxis, hotels, or even transferring money.”
“That’s interesting, Scorch. If Musk is successful in his rebranding venture, it will attract more users to this application,” replied Felix, typing his tweet.