“We’ve been in Japan for a week. Why haven’t we eaten Sushi yet?” said Scorch.
Verum smiled and said, “Okay then. Let’s go eat Sushi today!”
So, the Mysticals hopped into a cozy restaurant and randomly ordered different kinds of sushi from the menu. The sushi came with soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, green tea, and ginger tea.
“What’s sushi?” said Felix, looking at the tempting food on the table.
Verum replied, “Sushi is made of the words ‘su’ and ‘meshi’ which mean vinegar and rice. So, sushi is vinegared rice paired with seafood, egg, or vegetables which could be raw or cooked.
“Farmers in Vietnam used to ferment fish with salt and rice and then discard the rice. This practice came to Japan in 300 B.C. After 1,000 years, rice vinegar was introduced and Japanese chefs stopped discarding the rice and started serving the fish with it. Sushi then quickly became popular around the world.”
“Let’s dig in!” said Scorch, unable to control her sushi craving any longer.