The Mysticals were waiting at the airport in Belgrade, the capital of the European country, Serbia. Local people were waiting too. They had all gathered to receive World No.1 tennis player Novak Djokovic. The Mysticals had traveled a few days back in time in Orak’s tempus machine.

“It is unfortunate that Djokovic is back home and will not be able to attend the Australian Open,” sighed Scorch.

“Yes. Djokovic has been deported from Australia after he lost a court case. To be deported from a country means to be expelled for illegal behavior,” said Scorch.

“I don’t understand what this 34-year-old player did wrong?” said Felix.

“Djokovic was going to participate in the Australian Open and had left for Australia early this month. But he has not taken the Covid-19 vaccination yet. Djokovic informed that he is traveling to Australia with an ‘exemption permission’. It is permission given to excuse someone from an activity. In Djokovic’s case, it was the vaccine.

But the Australian government objected. Djokovic landed at the Melbourne Airport and was kept in isolation. Djokovic was then asked to quarantine in a hotel.

His lawyers appealed in court against the Australian government’s decision. They argued that Djokovic should be allowed to play and stay in the country.

The judges, however, rejected the plea. His unvaccinated status became a concern for the safety of Australia’s citizens. That’s why Djokovic returned home,” Scorch explained.

“My crystal ball showed me the story of his arrival before we landed here back in time. He has expressed his disappointment but accepted the court’s decision. But you know, the Australian Open could have seen Djokovic make history by winning his 21st Grand Slam,” Verum informed.

“Safety, however, comes first,” remarked Orak. The Mysticals got a glimpse of Djokovic and they returned safely to the dorm room.