“Australian Grand Prix 2023 was exhausting! I’m completely drained,” sighed Scorch as she entered the dorm.

Immediately, Felix replied, “What is Australian Grand Prix? Why didn’t you take me?”

“Grand Prix is a set of motorcar (superfast cars) races held across various countries throughout the year,” began Scorch, “The Australian Grand Prix race track is 5.2 kilometers. The racers do 58 laps which brings the total distance to 306 kilometers. A lap is defined as a complete trip around a race track.

A few days ago, at the Australian Grand Prix, a rare incident happened. The Grand Prix was suspended three times and restarted. ”

“Why was it suspended” inquired Felix.

“Alex Williams, a Moto racer, crashed his car and the game was stopped for the first time by waving a red flag. A red flag is waved to warn the racers about the problem and keep the racers safe.

Another red flag was waved when another racer, Kevin Magnussen, broke his car’s rear wheel. During the third time, another crash occurred, which ended up waving the red flag again,” Scorch informed.

“That’s strange!” remarked Felix.

“Yes, it is!” agreed Scorch, “Bringing a race to a halt so many times is rare and in the past 36 years, only five times such pause and start of the races have happened. Max Verstappen ended up winning the Australian Grand Prix this year while Lewis Hamilton came second and Fernando Alonso third.