The Gifted Four were sitting in the MysticPark, basking in the afternoon sun. Little birds chirped and collected around them. “I think they’d like some snacks. Do you have something in your bag, Verum?” Felix asked.

“Trust you to spoil the birds! MysticLord already takes care of their food, don’t overfeed them,” Verum said, lightly tapping Felix’s forehead.

“Oh, this reminds me of India’s Nest Man. Even without magical powers, he is creating magic in the human world! Rakesh Khatri has made 2,50,000 nests for sparrows in India,” Felix shared.

“That’s so kind and amazing! What does he use to make these homes,” Orak asked.

“Khatri lives in Delhi, India’s capital. He has been building them for over 10 years using simple materials like coconut husks, cotton, and jute. Not only this, he even educates children on how to build sparrow homes with such simple materials so that they can help the sparrows too,” Felix beamed.

“I am in complete awe of this caring human,” Scorch said.

“The number of sparrows can decline due to the loss of their natural habitats, so his efforts will be so important to save the sparrows,” Verum thought out loud.

“Absolutely! I’m so happy humans like him exist,” Orak petted a bird, “and also glad that for the birds here, we have MysticLord!”