“Felix, do you remember when you fell in love with colorful containers when we were roaming the streets of India?” asked Scorch.

Felix thought momentarily and replied, “Oh yes, I do remember! It was called Tuppywa… Tubswa… umm… Tupperware! I still have them in my closet. What about it, Scorch?”

“Correct! Tupperware ruled the market for its air-tight containers in the 1950s after Earl Tupper (an American chemist) founded Tupperware. But, recently things turned sour for the company as it announced that its sales have dropped. Tupperware also hinted that it might have to stop the sales if it doesn’t receive any financing (money to run the business),” Scorch informed.

“That’s terrible!” exclaimed Felix, “How did the sales crash? Isn’t it a very famous food container company in the whole wide world?”

Scorch nodded, “You’re right, Felix! Tupperware has been famous for its sturdy containers. But in recent years, people have shifted toward cheaper and more fashionable containers.

Younger customers find Tupperware expensive. This crash in sales is also because of the coronavirus. During the lockdown, people stayed at home and did not need new containers.

Also, customers now prefer environmentally-friendly products (like beeswax paper, steel utensils, etc) that can keep their food fresh for longer.”

“That’s really sad,” remarked Felix, “I hope they recover soon and get back in business.”