“It’s Moon time!” Orak stepped out of his Tempus Machine declaring the news.

“The United States’ space research agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), recently announced the names of the members who will be a part of its next lunar mission, named Artemis-2!” Orak took a seat on a chair nearby, untied his cape, and waited for his friends’ reaction.

“Woahhh! Hasn’t it been over 50 years since humans went to the moon? That’s amazing,” Verum’s eyes widened.

“Yes, the last time humans went to the moon was in 1972,” agreed Orak, “But this mission is special. Because it is the first time that NASA has selected a woman and a man of color for the lunar mission. They are astronauts Christina Koch and Victor Glover.

All previous lunar missions had white men. This goes to show how committed NASA is towards creating diversity,” Orak explained.

“That’s awesome,” Felix jumped, “When are they going?”

“Late next year or maybe in 2025,” informed Orak.

“I am so glad to hear that,” Felix hopped. The Gifted Four spent the rest of the day reading more about moon missions and astronauts.