It was a stormy morning in MysticLand. The sound of rain and thunder had woken Verum. She was feeling cold and scared. She hugged her crystal ball and asked, “Dear crystal ball, is there any news from the human world?”

Verum’s crystal ball immediately buzzed. Verum read aloud, “India has been elected to the United Nations Statistical Commission for four years!”

“What is the United Nations Statistical Commission?” Felix, who was huddled under a blanket, peeped out.

Verum replied, “The United Nations (UN) is an international organization. Most of the world’s countries are part of the organization. The UN Statistical Commission is also a part of the United Nations. It is the highest body of the global statistical system.”

“Statistics is the collection and study of all types of data,” Orak mumbled and went back to sleep.

“The UN Statistical Commission makes all the decisions about statistics. It is responsible for the world’s statistical activities. It develops new methods and concepts for statistics. It implements them in different countries.

The Commission has 24 member nations elected by the UN Economic and Social Council. Out of 24 members, four are elected from the Asia-Pacific region,” Verum said.

“And India just became one of them?” Scorch said.

“Yes!” Verum said, “India was elected as it is an expert in the field of statistics. The member nations are elected through a vote. India received an amazing 46 out of 53 votes!”

“It’s an important victory for India. Its four-year term will start on January 1, 2024,” Verum added.