Africa has a wide variety of tribes that have their own history, languages, culture, traditions, and food habits. Out of them all, the Maasai tribe is famous globally, for they’re the ones who have managed to preserve their culture better than the other tribes.

They speak Maa — the tribe gets its name from — as well as Tanzania’s and Kenya’s main languages – Swahili and English. Maasai men, or warriors as they are called, show a great degree of bravery and fearlessness.

If you were chatting with a Maasai man and a hyena were to suddenly arrive out of nowhere, get ready for a show! Because the brave man will do whatever it takes to shield you from the hyena’s attack!

But the thing that sets the Maasai tribe apart from other tribes is their clothing. Their favorite color for clothes is red. Blue and back are thrown in for contrast, and striped and checkered fabrics are worn by those who like to stay in fashion. But they don’t really wear t-shirts and jeans like you. They wrap themselves in layers and layers of cloth! That cloth is called Shúkà in the Maa language. Imagine going to school in the cloth!