“Whoa! This part of New York City is so full of life,” said Felix.
“I agree. The skyscrapers are twinkling as if hugged by a billion fireflies. And look at all those big LCD screens attached to the buildings! They’re changing their display almost every minute,” said Scorch, falling in love with where she was.
“This is the famous Times Square, guys! It’s the intersection area of Seventh Ave and Broadway. Originally, it was called ‘the Long Acre Square’. It is considered the best place on Earth to spend New Year’s Eve,” said Orak.
“Why New Year’s Eve?” wondered Felix.
“There’s this ceremony that takes place where a massive New Year’s Eve ball goes down from the One Times Square building, as soon as the clock strikes 12 on the 31st of December. Countless people gather here every year to witness the event and celebrate!” explained Orak.