“The Ukraine army is asking for ‘dronations’,” announced Scorch.

“You mean donations?” Orak assumed that he heard the word wrong and so he corrected Scorch.

“No!” scoffed Scorch, “I meant dronations. It means the donation of drones. Drones are aircraft powered by computer technology. They do not need a pilot to fly.”

“Is this about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war? In February, Russia invaded its neighboring country, Ukraine, and started a war,” said Verum.

“Why does the Ukraine army want drones?” Felix said.

“Yes, it is, Verum” replied Scorch, further adding, “So Felix, the Ukraine forces want to build an army of drones. They are also asking for money to buy 200 military survey drones. These drones will be useful for obtaining information about the enemy territory.”

“So, the latest development in modern technology i.e. drone technology is being used in wars?” Orak said.

“Yes,” Scorch said, “till now both Russia and Ukraine have used small consumer drones in the war. They are known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). They can provide a live view of the enemy’s positions.”

“Interesting,” noted Orak.

“If it already has drones, why does it need more?” Felix said.

“Because the ways to counter these small drones are becoming more and more effective. On the other hand, the army of drones will help Ukraine’s forces to monitor the 2,470km-long (1,535 miles) front line. It will also help Ukraine respond to enemy attacks,” said Scorch.

“Did Ukraine receive any donations?” Orak wanted to know.

“It did. The donation campaign has already raised £5.7 million. It can be used to buy two military UAVs. Many people have also donated their hobby and commercial drones to Ukraine,” Scorch answered.