The Gifted Four were lying down on the grass, enjoying a peaceful night on Earth. They were stargazing. Orak suddenly stood up and muttered a magic spell. “What’s up with you? Did you spot a falling star,” Verum stood up in the excitement too.

Orak winked and produced a large pair of binoculars using magic, “It’s the International Space Station and it is soon going to retire. It’s often called by its nickname – the ISS.”

“What’s the ISS,” Felix asked.

“The International Space Station (ISS) is like a huge spaceship that floats in space orbiting around the Earth. It’s a place where astronauts from different countries live and work together. It is a super cool laboratory in space,” Orak shared.

“Oh, wow! When did humans launch it up there?” Scorch was curious too.

“In November of 1998. So many experiments have been conducted up there – from growing plants to studying diseases. There is no gravity inside the ISS, the force that pulls us down towards Earth. So, experiments done there are valuable,” Orak pondered.

“Unbelievable! That human-built spaceship has been there for almost 25 years now? I’m impressed,” Scorch gasped.

“It is a big feat of innovation and collaboration, but it is not immortal like us. But it will be retiring in 2031,” Orak gave a weak smile.

“Oh, no! It must be hard to maintain it. Also, it has been a long time already so the spaceship could use an upgrade. Humans have advanced a ton after its launch, too,” Verum speculated.

“Exactly! Humans can send another space station or replace several of the ISS’s old parts with new ones. Many space organisations such as NASA, ESA, and JAXA are looking forward to the next steps. It’s going to be an exciting time in science and space,” Orak smiled and lay back down on the cool grass. The Gifted Four then took turns looking at the ISS with Orak’s magic binoculars.