Winter was slowly falling over MysticLand and it was getting colder every day. Scorch loved running in this weather. She returned from her morning run to find Orak, Verum, and Felix huddled under blankets.
“Brrr… I have… Brrr… an important…,” Scorch said, her teeth chattering with cold, “I have important news to share with you. I overheard two of our professors discuss it while running. I followed them. A recent news report stated that the Russia-Ukraine war is going to become a reason for the world’s first energy crisis.”
“Scorch!” Orak exclaimed, “you are shivering. Quick, grab a blanket.” Orak, Verum, and Felix made room for Scorch. Scorch snuggled under her warm blanket and stopped shivering. “What energy are you talking about?” Verum said. Orak explained, “Humans use energy in everyday life. Energy is a power that is commonly produced from oil, natural gas, and coal. Humans require energy for everything. Energy is power used in the form of electricity, in cars, to cook food, in factories to run different machines, etc. Global energy is energy that is used by the entire world!”
“Yes,” Scorch said, “But now the world cannot use energy as freely as it did before the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia is the biggest exporter of oil in the world. On February 24, Russia invaded its neighboring country, Ukraine. The two countries have been fighting since then. This war has led to many problems in the world. The global energy crisis is one of them.
Because of this war, it has become difficult for Russia to send oil and gas to other countries. While the world has a high demand for oil and gas, the supply is very less. This has led to an increase in prices. This is causing the global energy crisis!”
“Oh no!” Felix said in dismay.