The Gifted Four were at a park, huddled around an old tree. “Place your hand on the tree and close your eyes,” Felix instructed.

Orak, Verum, and Scorch promptly did as Felix had asked. Felix cast a spell and the inside of the tree lit up. The Gifted Four could see everything the tree was made of.

“What’s that sticky thing inside the tree,” Verum pouted.

“That’s called lignin, the thing I wanted to show you guys. It is a glue-like substance that a Finland-based company plans to use for making batteries,” Felix smiled.

“No way!!! Batteries from trees?” Orak was pleasantly surprised.

“It’s exciting, isn’t it? The company, called Stora Enso, manufactures pulp, paper, and other forest products. The company wants to keep up with the changing world.

By making batteries from trees, this company wants to help the environment. This gluey substance called lignin that we are seeing contains carbon which can be used to make batteries. These batteries should be ready by 2025,” Felix explained.

“That is simply amazing,” Scorch said. “There is so much of the gluey substance in a single tree,” she continued, scanning the tree.

“On average, a tree is 30% lignin,” Felix informed.

“I am so glad that humans keep coming up with ways to make the best of what they have,” Orak appreciated.

“Our Felix is no less, look at how he magically lit up the inside of this tree,” Verum made Felix blush.