Orak and Scorch were back after making 32-time jumps in Orak’s Tempus Machine.

Seeing Orak and Scorch, Felix uttered, “Where did you go? Why didn’t you take me with you?”

Scorch smiled and said, “We visited and witnessed Beyonce’s Grammy Award title functions. Did you know Beyonce won a Grammy Award this year?”

“No, I did not know. I’m still mad at you for not taking me,” said Felix, “Anyway, tell me more about the Grammy Awards.”

Scorch began, “Grammy Awards take place every year where awards are given to the best in the music industry. It contains various categories like R&B, rock, pop, reggae, children’s album, rap, contemporary Christian music, country, and more.  Los Angeles hosted the Grammy Awards this year.

In 2023, Beyoncé won a Grammy Award for her album ‘renaissance’. This Grammy is her 32nd award. Isn’t that cool?”

“Thirty-two? Whoaaa!” cried Felix, “Who has won the most Grammy Awards overall?”

Scorch explained, “George Solti was holding the record for most Grammy Awards reaching 31. Beyonce rewrote her name in the record books by bagging 32 Grammy Awards and breaking Solti’s record.

Do you know, the Indian music composer Ricky Kej from Bengaluru, a city in the state of Karnataka, won his third Grammy Award for the album ‘Divine Tides’! He shared the award with artiste Stewart Copeland, who collaborated with Kej on the album.”

“That’s excellent! Kudos to all the winners,” Felix smiled and turned to Orak, “Please take me to those ceremonies Orak. I want to witness them.”

Orak had made the Tempus Machine ready by then.