Seeing Orak stunned and speechless, Felix asked Scorch, “What did you do to Orak? Did you hit him with your fireball?”

“Nooo!” shouted Scorch, “Why would I do that? I showed him how ChatGPT works, and he froze after using it!”

“What is ChatGPT?” asked Felix.

Scorch explained, “ChatGPT is an AI tool (Artificial Intelligence). It stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. It was developed by a team of researchers at a company called OpenAI in November of last year. It is a chatbot (software that works like a chat assistant) that replies to whatever questions you want. It writes. It is a digital writer. It will give you all the answers in the world!”
“Whoa! Does ChatGPT require human help?” asked Felix.

“It doesn’t require any human help, Felix,” said Scorch, “OpenAI developed ChatGPT using millions of data from the Internet. When you ask a question or input some words, called keywords, then it will gather relevant data from its storage and give you a write-up or a reply.”

“That’s amazing! Now I understand why Orak is stunned. Is it free to use?” asked Felix.

Scorch said, “ChatGPT is a free tool to use. But recently, OpenAI has introduced another version that costs the user 20 dollars a month.

By the way, Orak, I have something to tell you. ChatGPT has passed the United States medical licensing exam, law exams, and also an MBA exam!”

It was Felix’s turn to be stunned. Orak’s jaw dropped. Immediately, Scorch took a selfie with the frozen Mysticals.