Orak barged in on Verum, Scorch, and Felix’s group study session. “Please tell me you three are almost done. I want to go to the MysticWinter store,” Orak said.

“It’s your lucky day, we were just wrapping up,” Verum said as she tossed her notebook into her bag, “What is new in the news?”

“A huge meteorite has been recently discovered in Antarctica. Antarctica is the Earth’s southernmost continent and is completely covered in ice, so I need more winter wear,” Orak smiled.

“Meteorite…,” Scorch trailed off, trying to remember.

“Meteorites are space rocks that fall to Earth’s surface, Scorch. These space rocks have been around for so long that they contain some very old material. The meteorite they found recently is one of the biggest ever found,” Orak explained.

“That’s so cool! How huge,” Felix’s imagination stirred.

“It weighs around 7.5kgs. In the past, humans have found more than 45,000 meteorites in Antarctica, but only about 100 would be as large as this one,” Orak said, tapping his foot impatiently. Felix gave a weak smile as he packed up his books quickly.

Verum was in complete awe, “What exactly do you mean by ‘you’ need winter clothes then,” she pulled Orak’s cheek.

“Ow, ow,” Orak edged away from Verum, “that’s why I came by to pick you all first. Of course, ‘WE’ are taking my Tempus Machine to Antarctica to see the meteorite.”

Verum smirked, “Now that’s better.”

“I’m so excited to see this meteorite,” Scorch exclaimed.

“Me too. You know it is preserved very well. It’s not like it fell recently. It was just discovered recently. Meteorites like this were likely buried in the ice for thousands of years and came up only because of the motion of glaciers. The ice shielded such meteorites from wearing down due to wind and air,” Orak said.

“Amazing, I can’t wait!” said Felix as he tossed his last pen into his bag. The Gifted Four headed out right away.