The four Mysticals alighted Orak’s Tempus Machine. They were in the Swiss Alps, a high mountainous region in Switzerland. Switzerland is a country in Europe. Orak, Scorch, Verum, and Felix had brought their ski gear. But when they looked around the mountain, they were shocked. Uh oh! There was no snow on the mountain!

Verum quickly took out her crystal ball and asked, “Dear crystal ball, where is all the snow?” The crystal ball pinged with an answer.

“The Swiss Alps and the Rocky Mountains in North America had warm temperatures over Christmas and New Year’s. So, the snow melted and there was no snowfall,” Verum announced.

“But this is the best season for skiing!” Orak said.

Verum nodded, “I know. Many ski resorts had to close down their business.”

“Skiing is a sport of sliding over snow-covered mountain slopes using skis. Skis are long and flat gears fastened to boots,” Scorch said.

“But what brought this change to the mountains?” Scorch wanted to know.

“It is all due to climate change. The temperatures are increasing everywhere in the world. It is known as global warming. Due to this, the snow is melting and the slopes of the mountains are turning green. The snow also melts because of heavy rainfall. Therefore, the ski seasons are becoming shorter,” Verum explained.

“Bummer,” Felix said, dejected.