Today, when Verum was playing with her crystal ball, she came across some unusual trees in Madagascar.

Scorch who was hovering by looked into the crystal ball and said, “What kind of trees are those, Verum? I’ve never seen such oddly shaped trees. At least not outside MysticLand.”

“Ummmmm… I think those are baobabs!” replied Verum.

Felix who was standing in the vicinity said, “You’re right, Verum. They are the baobabs of Madagascar. We must go see them today!”

So, Orak opened a portal and took the Mysticals to the Avenue of the Baobabs.

Upon reaching, Felix said, “The baobab is considered a sacred tree here. Out of eight species, six grow only in Madagascar.”

“It looks like one giant tree with small other trees growing out of its head!” said Scorch, looking at one big baobab.

Felix continued, “The large trunk that you see is filled with water, and thus it’s called ‘the bottle tree’. Most of these baobabs are over 800 years old!”

Scorch’s eyes and her smile grew bigger on hearing the trees’ age.