Just the way hot dogs are associated with America’s Independence Day, Anzac biscuits are linked to Anzac Day. Anzac Day marks the arrival of the ‘Australian and New Zealand Army Corps’ (Anzac) on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey in 1915. Their mission was to capture the Dardanelles waterway and start a sea route to the Black Sea and Bosphorous. But many Australians and New Zealanders lost their lives in the battle.

Sweet biscuits made of golden syrup and rolled oats were sent to the soldiers by women’s groups and wives, as the ingredients of these biscuits were able to stay good for long. Then from the 1920s, Anzac biscuit recipes began making appearances in Australian recipe books.

However, no one is still sure how these biscuits became associated with Anzac Day. Nevertheless, they’re made every Anzac Day. And if you ask Australians about them, they’ll probably get into an argument over whose recipe is the best!