Felix peeped into Verum’s crystal ball and saw earthlings getting ready for the Festival de Cannes, or the Cannes film festival.

Verum told him that as the name suggests, it is a film festival, yes, but it is the most important one. Even celebrities from multiple countries, dressed in glamorous clothes weaved by top fashion designers, attend Cannes. That’s how big it is!

But why is it so big? Because since its first edition in 1946, the festival has preserved its core values of celebrating films, finding and supporting new talent, and inspiring people to produce great films. And once those films are created, they reach the public via this event. Cannes keeps the film industry alive.

Moreover, awards like Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and the like are given out. Winning anything at Cannes is so prestigious that if you do, you’ll want to tell every person you meet about it!