Unintentionally, an excited spectator at the Tour de France (the world’s most grand but tough bicycle race) caused one of the worst crashes in the race’s history just with her cardboard sign!

Not seeing the oncoming cyclists, the spectator came too close to the race route and held her sign ahead into the road, causing German cyclist Tony Martin to crash into the board and fall. Naturally, this created a chain reaction and riders near him, too, fell.

“What an awful accident! I admit fans can be so irresponsible sometimes. Were those riders okay then?” Felix said with worry.

“Well, some were. Two riders were seriously injured and pulled out of the race. Another eight were given immediate treatment. It’s unbelievable how a harmless object like a signboard could create so much damage,” Scorch said.

The French police say the woman has been arrested for her reckless behavior.

One of the Tour de France officials said that they’ll take strict legal action against her. This should be an example for those who engage in such acts, either knowingly or unknowingly, in the future.