Felix was flying all around the dorm room impatiently, waiting for his friends to return from the Elementia School. As the Mysticals entered, Verum saw Felix and gasped, “Felix, your wings are flapping too fast. What happened.”

Felix stopped flapping, landed on the ground, and said, “There is a river called Kuttamperoor in Budhanoor village of Kerala. For centuries, this river provided drinking water to the nearby villagers and other areas of Kerala. It was used to water 2,000 acres of rice and 500 families were dependent on it!

This river was neglected and ignored for the last 30 years. So, it became dirty with weeds and trash, resulting in pollution.”

Scorch rolled her eyes and interrupted, “This isn’t amazing news, Felix!”

“I am coming to the news part, Scorch!” Felix rolled his eyes, too, and gestured her to hear him out, “Recently, the Budhanoor village leaders, the Kerala government, and the local people came together to clean the Kuttamperoor River.

Over 7,000 villagers gathered and pulled out all the weeds and trash from the river. They cleaned the river in just two months!

The Kerala government extended the river banks by giving away some of its lands. Now, all kinds of fish and animals live there happily, and the villagers are overjoyed as the water has started to flow back – do note, it’s clean water and can be used!”

Scorch replied, “Now that is amazing news, Felix. This is the power of community. When people unite they can bring positive change in the society. Let’s go to Kerala and look at this beautiful river!”

Orak summoned the Tempus Machine and within seconds, the Mysticals vanished from the dorm room.