“Felix, how would you feel if someone else used your plants without your permission?” asked a thoughtful Scorch.

“I will be furious, Scorch! Did the evil Bruha mess with my dear plants?” inquired a stern Felix.

“It’s not the Bruha, Felix, it’s Elon Musk. News is that Microsoft used Twitter’s data without getting permission from Musk.”

“That’s not nice!” replied Felix, “Tell me more about this incident, Scorch.”
Scorch began, “We have two parties involved in this new: a popular social media platform, Twitter, and the world’s largest software company, Microsoft. Musk is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Twitter.

A few days ago, Microsoft said it would no longer support Twitter’s advertising platform. This caused an issue for Twitter. In reply to this announcement from Microsoft, Musk said Microsoft illegally (wrongfully) used Twitter’s data to train an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. A chatbot is a software program that communicated with humans.”

“How does this affect Twitter?” asked Felix.

Scorch explained, “Once people click on an advertisement link on their computer, immediately that company receives a small amount of money.  If there are no Twitter advertisements, people can’t access Twitter accounts when using Microsoft. So, Twitter won’t receive money from ads.”

“Oh! That’s intense and quite head-spinning news. I hope the tech giants sort out the issue amicably,” said Felix.