Orak marched into the Mysticals’ dorm room late evening and appealed, “Verum!!! I need your trusty crystal ball!!”

Verum was overjoyed, “The owner of the beautiful Tempus Machine needs my crystal ball? It’s an honor!”

“Humans have seen a mysterious spiral in the sky over Alaska, a state in North America. It was shining bright and blue and moving across the sky,” Orak said with widened eyes.

“Woah,” Scorch got up from her bed after hearing the news, “I want to see this spiral! What is causing this?” she asked.

Verum placed her crystal ball on the table and said, “Let’s see Alaska skies!”

The crystal ball brightened up with visuals from Alaska. “There it is, the big blue spiral!” Felix said excitedly.

“This is a marvel of technology! SpaceX, an American spacecraft manufacturer, recently launched one of its rockets. That rocket was moving through the atmosphere and released a great amount of water vapor. That water vapor froze and shone in the sky as that spiral,” Orak explained.

“Astounding,” Verum exclaimed. The Gifted Four then spent the evening watching the beautiful blue spiral slowly disappear in glory.