“Veruuumm, your crystal ball is ringing,” Orak called out of the window to his friend. Verum was taking a stroll in the garden. “Coming!” Verum rushed to the dorm room.

“Oh, there is some serious news from Sudan, a country in Africa,” Verum shared the news, “There is a fight going on in the country between its military and paramilitary force called Rapid Support Forces (RSF). A paramilitary force is an army that is not part of the country’s military.”

“Why are the two forces fighting, Verum?” Scorch said.

“We have to look at a bit of history to understand the situation there. In 2021, the military took power from civilian leaders and started ruling the country. Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan is the head of Sudan’s military. His deputy, Gen Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, is the head of RSF. The current fight is due to the power struggle between the two leaders and their forces. Meaning both of them are fighting to remain in power.

RSF has a force of 1,00,000 fighters. They are feared by the people of the country. There are plans to include this force in the military,” Verum said.

Orak, Scorch, and Felix nodded thoughtfully. They were trying to understand the situation.

“A few weeks ago, the members of RSF were posted in different parts of the country. The country’s military took this as a threat. And so the fighting began,” Verum said.

Verum added, “There have been gunfire, airstrikes, and explosions in the country. The civilians (a person who is not in any army or the police) are also caught up in this fight. So far, more than 400 people have lost their lives. Thousands have been injured.”

“I hope the fighting stops!” Felix closed his eyes and wished loudly.