Orak was in a sciency-wiency mood. He had recently started reading up on Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity. Albert Einstein was one of the greatest geniuses in the field of physics. Orak was amazed when he found out that no object can travel as fast as light.

Orak said, “I so wish I could get my hands on some of Einstein’s notes. I would love to solve the maths problems mentioned!”

“Do you really want to solve maths for fun?” said Scorch with disbelief etched on her face.

“Do you really want to run around throwing fireballs at your friends for fun?” shot back Orak.

“Okay, I surrender. But Orak, what if we take a trip in your tempus machine? We’ll get our hands on those papers wherever they are in the world right now!” said Scorch.

“Sounds like a grand plan,” said Orak. Scorch and Orak hopped into the tempus machine and set off on their search for Einstein’s papers.

A few minutes later, Verum entered the dorm room. She asked, “Where are Orak and Scorch?”

“They have gone out to find Einstein’s papers,” said Felix with a snort.

“Uh-uh. I have a bad feeling about this,” said Verum as she sat in front of her crystal ball, “I remember seeing something about it… oh my MysticLord! I think the papers that Orak is looking for were auctioned off recently for $15 million! It was bought by an anonymous buyer from Christie’s Auction House Paris office. It was a rare manuscript co-authored by Einstein and Swiss-Italian engineer Michele Besso. These handwritten notes contained calculations that led to the theory of relativity.

It became the most expensive autographed scientific paper to be ever sold!

We need to go back in time to stop him! He doesn’t have human money and Mystos won’t be accepted at the auction.”

Felix immediately went to a burrow in his garden, armed with a sweet to find the time traveler MysticBeast, Prickles. Within moments, Prickles popped out. Felix offered it the sweet and requested Prickles for help. With Prickles’ help, they traveled to the past just in time to stop Orak.