Scorch and Felix were in splits today. They were laughing so hard that tears ran down their faces. The two Mysticals were twirling round and round at astonishing speeds in the dorm room. So far, they had knocked down Verum’s crystal ball, Orak’s pile of books, a basket of lemons from Felix’s garden, and well, Scorch herself.

The moment Verum stepped into the dorm room, Scorch and Felix lost their balance during the latest round of twirling. They came tumbling down, laughing all the while.

“Oi, you silly Mysticals! Look at the mess you have made,” said Verum, “When Orak returns to the dorm room, he is going to be quite cross about the state of his books.”

“Oh, Verum, we were just having a bit of fun,” said Scorch.

“We were pretending to be tornadoes!” said Felix, starting to twirl once again.

“Ah, you’d have to be much quicker in that case,” said Verum, adding, “A tornado is a type of storm which sometimes accompanies thunderstorms. A fast-moving column of winds forms between the clouds and the ground. Its speed can be up to 500 kilometers per hour.”

Scorch laughed heartily and said, “I guess we were off by a couple of hundred kilometers.”

“And well, you didn’t cause that much damage as the United States tornadoes,” said Verum.

Right then, her crystal ball hummed. Felix, Scorch, and Verum wore a serious look when the crystal ball projected the havoc caused by the tornadoes.

“On 10th December, a swarm of tornadoes struck five states in the United States. One of the tornadoes traveled for 320 kilometers, all the while wreaking havoc! That is a really long path for a tornado.”

Scorch’s face grew serious as she asked, “Was there a lot of damage?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” said Verum, “Kentucky was the worst-hit state where the tornadoes flattened entire towns. Power lines were also cut and about 74 people lost their lives while at least another 100 are missing. A candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky was totally destroyed.

Along with Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri experienced widespread damage.”

“That sounds really scary,” said Felix.