The Mysticals were exploring the icy cold weather of the Alps in France, Europe. A blanket of white snow covered the peaks and slopes all around them.

Scorch was dancing around without wearing any warm clothes. As her feet met the snow, it began to sizzle. After all, Scorch was literally made of fire! On the other hand, Felix had covered his giant ears with a woolen scarf. Even so, his teeth were chattering.

Felix said, “Why are we here? Are we skiing?”

Scorch replied, “No, we are looking for something.”

Felix said, “What are we looking for?”

Scorch answered, “We are looking for a magnificent treasure!”

Orak interjected, “Wait a minute, why do you feel we will find a treasure chest on Mont Blanc?”

Out of nowhere, Verum groaned. She said, “I think I am to blame for that.

In 2013, an anonymous climber stumbled upon a treasure of precious gems like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Instead of taking the gems, the climber handed them to the police. That’s the law in France. Moreover, it was the honest thing to do.”

“Oh! Scorch wants to find such gems!” said Orak, “But Scorch, we’d also have to hand them over to the police.”

“Yeah, but the climber was recently rewarded half of the gems!” said Scorch with gleaming eyes, “They are valued at €150,000!”

“What about the other half?” said Orak, “And where did the gems come from in the first place?”

“The local authorities kept the other half of the precious stones,” explained Verum, “As for your second question, two planes from India had crashed into the mountain back in 1950 and 1966. The authorities believe the treasure was from the 1966 crash. They tried locating the owner in India but failed to find anyone. That’s why they divided the gems.”

“But I don’t think we will now find any gemstones on Mont Blanc,” added Orak, “Sorry, Scorch,” and the Mysticals flew back to their dorm.