“Fancy a marshmallow with the cocoa?” Felix asked. “Delicious! Yes!” Scorch replied. Flapping his wings, Felix flew to the counter and returned with marshmallows. “Can you imagine a planet this light and fluffy,” Orak asked.

“That sounds unlikely,” Verum answered, raising an eyebrow.

“Prepare to be surprised!” Orak said and excitedly picked up a marshmallow, “Astronomers at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona, United States (US), found a planet with the average density of a marshmallow. Density is a measurement of how much matter an object has.”

“Whoa! Where is this planet,” questioned Scorch.

“Around 580 light-years away from Earth. That is very, very far away. Light years is how we measure distance in space. This planet is in Auriga the Charioteer, a constellation. The planet is slightly bigger than Jupiter and is called TOI-3757 b. It can go around its star in just 3.5 days,” Orak informed.

“If only we could take Orak’s Tempus Machine to such a planet-star system sometime,” Verum said.

“This is not the only one, Verum. NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, the space telescope that measured the marshmallow-like planet’s size, has discovered thousands of such planets around stars. We can visit them in our tempus machine,” Orak smiled.

“It is so exciting to see humans make such amazing space discoveries,” Felix smiled as he gobbled up a marshmallow.