“Felix, would you like to live in a giant flowerpot?” Scorch asked. The four Mysticals were lying on their backs on the terrace of their dorm room. They could see the clear, night sky. Twinkling stars decorated the sky! 
Felix looked at Scorch and said, “Yes! Is that really possible?” 
Scorch nodded. She said, “There is a company called Airbnb. It runs the business of helping travelers, tourists find a nice place to stay. On its website, it enlists all such houses where people can stay for holidays or vacations. 
Recently, Airbnb started ‘The $10 million OMG! Fund’ contest. It asked people to submit their designs for the craziest and most fancy designs for homes. The winners of this contest will get $100,000 for making their designs come true by 2023.
And people flooded Airbnb with the most unusual and quirkiest designs!”
“I want to know what crazy ideas people thought of!” Verum said. 
“There’s the giant flowerpot-shaped house. Then a hut shaped like a giant triceratops (a plant-eating dinosaur) skull. The guests will enter the hut through the triceratops’ huge mouth!” Scorch said. 
“Best ideas ever!” Felix declared. 
“One person even submitted a design based on space: room pods in the shape of the Orion constellation!” Scorch exclaimed. 
Orak raised his arm and said, “I would like to live in the Orion constellation!”