“Google is a technology company. It releases many new products and apps. This time, it has launched a new app in the United Kingdom (UK). This app was earlier released in the United States (US) as well,” Scorch excitedly told her friends.
It was a Wednesday afternoon. Orak, Felix, Verum, and Scorch were in their dorm room. They were trying to complete their homework so they could go out to play in the evening. But Scorch’s news was more exciting than their homework.
Verum closed her notebook and said, “Tell us everything!” “This app allows users to talk to an artificial intelligence system called Lamda,” replied Scorch.
“What is artificial intelligence?” Felix said. Orak explained, “Of all the species, humans are known to be the very smartest and very intelligent. They can think and learn on their own. Humans go on building things almost every day. One such thing they have advanced in is technology. The computer is the most beneficial invention of humans. Now, humans wanted these computers to also think and learn on their own just like them. This ability of computers to think and learn is known as artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence is denoted as AI. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are popular examples of AI.” “Lamda is a similar AI system. It is an advanced chat technology,” Scorch added, “But it doesn’t have independent thoughts and feelings like humans. It also cannot learn anything new from the people who talk to her through the app.” “But what sort of a name is Lamda? Does it stand for something else?” Verum wanted to know.
“Lamda stands for Language Model for Dialogue Applications,” Scorch replied and continued, “Right now, Lamda is in a limited trial. It can only talk about three things and one of them is dogs!” “I want to talk about the cutest, fluffiest dogs with Lamda!” Felix jumped excitedly.
Scorch laughed and said, “Maybe someday soon! Right now, there are many people waiting for a chance to talk to Lamda.”