“Orak! Orak! Are we going to a hot spring today? I could really use a relaxing hot bath after yesterday’s Mount Fuji hike,” said Scorch.
Orak replied with a smile, “Well, sure. We’ll go to a hot spring today but cannot enter it.” “What? Why not?” asked Scorch with worry.
“Its name is Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, and the hot spring there is for the Japanese macaques! Located 850 m above sea level, the hot spring warmed the snow monkeys living high up in the mountains. It is known for its rugged surroundings, heavy snowfall for about three to four months every year, and geothermal activity.”
Felix jumped before Orak and said, “Tell me more about the monkeys!” “In the mid-1800s, guests from the Korakukan Ryokan hot spring inn fed monkeys that came down from the mountains while relaxing in the outdoor onsen. Quickly, word spread in the monkey community that humans have hot pools and free food down in the valley. Since then, the monkeys have made the hot spring their own,” replied Orak.
“It sounds super fun. Let’s go there today,” said Verum.