Verum was shaking her leg nervously. Scorch was glued to the television. A few minutes were left for the race to end and their favorite rider was still far behind the other racers. Scorch and Verum were watching MotoGP. Also known as the Grand Prix motorcycle racing, it is a bike racing sport.
“Nooooo!” Verum wailed. Their favorite rider finished last. Scorch hugged her, “It’s okay, Verum. Losing is also a part of sports.”
Scorch said, “Since you enjoyed the race so much, I have good news for you. India will be hosting its first-ever MotoGP World Championships race in 2023. It was announced on September 21.”
“Really? That’s amazing. We can go watch!” said Verum.
“What are we going to watch?” Orak asked as he entered the dorm room. Felix was right behind him.
“The bike racing event. Next year, it will be hosted in India and it is called the ‘Grand Prix of Bharat’. The MotoGP World Championships race will be held at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Riders from 19 countries will take part in the event,” Scorch excitedly told Orak and Felix.
“Wow,” said Felix, “It is going to be a huge event.”
“It is,” exclaimed Scorch.
“MotoGP has officially agreed to hold the racing event in India for the next seven years,” said Scorch.
“But Scorch, motorbikes release a lot of harmful gasses in the environment,” said Felix. He was excited about the racing event but he also cared about the environment.
“Don’t worry, Felix, “MotoGP is also planning to introduce MotoE in India. MotoE is a bike racing world cup that uses only electric bikes.”
“Excellent!” Felix cheered.
“Hosting the race will also be beneficial to India. It will promote trade and tourism in the country. It will also generate new jobs for people of India,” Scorch said.