The Gifted Four Mysticals were stuck in a parallel universe in Orak’s Tempus Machine. Orak was trying to find a way to go back to MysticLand. Trying to lighten the mood, Scorch said, “Mysticals, do you know a Kenyan teacher makes bikes using laptop batteries?”
Felix’s face lit up, and said, “Laptop batteries? How is that possible? Tell us more, Scorch.”

Scorch began, “There is a physics teacher in Kenya, Africa, named Paul Waweru. He wanted an electric bike, so he bought one. But, the bike had problems and didn’t work properly.

Using his skills, he devised a brilliant idea: run bikes with used laptop batteries. He founded a company named Ecomobilus. The company aims to give people cheaper bikes without worrying about the high gasoline prices.

Since there are no mechanical parts in the bike, it is easier to maintain. Also, the service (maintaining the bike by cleaning and checking parts) period is only once in two years as there are no engines.

Once the laptop battery is fully charged, the bike can travel around 100 kilometres. The battery can charge within 45 minutes and costs very less when compared to fuel (petrol or diesel).”

Verum added, “Since Africa has pollution problems, this idea will greatly reduce pollution.”

“How thoughtful! I want one of those electric bikes,” said an excited Felix.

As Felix finished his sentence, Orak exclaimed, “I’ve fixed the problem. Let’s fly to Kenya and then to MysticLand!”