“You know about stingrays, right? Beautiful and unique fish which look like water birds but with bigger wings?” Felix prompted with a slight glimmer in his eye.

“Oh, yes! I love stingrays. To me, they look like creatures from some other magical world like ours,” Verum responded.

“Me too, Verum,” Felix said glumly, and added, “A few weeks ago, dozens of dead stingrays were spotted on a beach in Brazil, a country in South America. It is making my heart feel heavy…”

“That’s terrible!” Orak interrupted Felix, “How did it happen?”

“We do not know. Since there were no other fishes on the beach and only stingrays, we can assume that they did not die due to water pollution or less oxygen,” Felix answered.

Scorch was speculating, “Maybe fishing nets?”

“That’s a possibility given by biologists. They say trawling could be the reason. It is a fishing technique where a net is pulled through the water behind one or more boats.

But, again, stingrays generally like being near the sea bed. They spend the majority of their time partially buried in sand, moving mostly when tides come. It is safe to say we do not know the cause of this incident yet,” Felix recollected.

“I hope this never happens again and humans find out the reason,” Verum said.

The other three nodded in agreement.