The Gifted Four were walking back from MysticLand’s rockets exhibit. Orak was glum, kicking stones every four steps.

“This is unlike you! We just came back after seeing one of the biggest technological and engineering marvels made by humans and you’re unhappy?” Verum looked at Orak.

Orak sighed and shared, “Recently, the biggest and most powerful rocket ever built by humans exploded during its test flight. Humans have come very far, but these kinds of accidents make me a little concerned.”

“Oh no! How did it happen and where,” Felix asked.

“In Texas in the United States. The rocket, Starship, was built by the spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX. The owner of the space firm is Elon Must. It was a dream project of Musk and Starship aimed to take humans to Mars. Two parts of the rocket that were supposed to separate mid-air did not separate properly. That caused the explosion,” Orak answered.

“I see. That’s terrible,” Scorch placed a hand on Orak’s shoulder, “but don’t you worry! Humans will learn from their mistakes and do better moving forwards.”

Orak smiled, “Yes, that’s true. Accidents like this have happened in the past too. They always did better. In fact, Musk too hailed the team through his social media and said this was a learning for the firm.”

“Yes! Mistakes are vital parts of learning,” Verum beamed.