Verum’s crystal ball buzzed and a robotic voice said: Operation Kaveri has begun. Verum ran to her crystal ball and read the news. She looked up to find her friends staring at her. They wanted to know the news too. She announced, “Operation Kaveri is India’s mission. The country has started the mission to rescue its citizens from the fighting in Sudan.”

“Is this about the fighting in Sudan you told us about last week?” Orak remembered.

Verum nodded a yes. She said, “The fight is between two armed forces – Sudan’s military and Rapid Support Forces (RSF). They are fighting to take control of the country. Many people have lost their lives in this fight, even the civilians (people who are not a part of any army or police force).”

“That’s sad. I hope the fighting stops soon,” Scorch said.

Verum continued, “India wants to protect its citizens in Sudan. So, it launched the rescue mission on April 24. For this mission, India took Saudi Arabia’s help. It sent two Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft to the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. It also sent three naval ships to Sudan Port.

First, India rescued its citizens from the areas where the fight is on. Then they were transported in buses to Sudan Port and Jeddah. There are more than 3,000 Indians in Sudan. So far, 1700-2000 Indians have been rescued from fighting areas. They will now board the aircraft and ship to return home.”

“And here’s the good news,” Verum said, “the first Indian Air Force aircraft carrying 360 Indians landed in Delhi on April 26th!”

“Hurray!” Orak, Scorch, and Felix cheered.