Felix and Verum were digging into the garden soil to sow some seeds. Looking at them, Verum said, “Dig well! Who knows what you might find underground.”
“What do you mean,” Felix asked.
“This happened with an olive farmer named Salman-al-Nabahin in Palestine recently. Palestine is a country in western Asia,” Verum said, adding, “He found a beautiful set of large tiles.
It is called a mosaic. Salman and his son were planting new trees in his grove a few weeks ago. But the roots of their trees were not able to grow. So they picked up some tools and decided to find out why. That’s when they found the mosaic my crystal ball was displaying.”
“I remember that. It looked so old and had all these pictures of birds and animals,” Orak added. He had seen the mosaic on Verum’s crystal ball in the morning.
“Things found deep under the ground can be very old,” Scorch said.
Verum nodded and said, “Salman and his son researched online and realized their discovery might be over 1,600 years old! They matched the patterns on the tiles to the Byzantine empire that was around this time.”
“Fascinating. Archeologists, who study human history, must be looking into this,” Orak said.
Felix nodded and said, “The Palestinian national research teams are working with international experts and scientists. It is exciting to see humans discover so much about their histories.”