Verum, Scorch, and Felix were wolfing down breakfast in the canteen. They had very little time before their school began. Orak joined the three Mysticals with his plate and announced, “Russia and Ukraine have taken their war to the next level: space!”
Listening to this, Felix gulped down a morsel. Scorch dropped her spoon. Verum slowed down and said, “Maybe we can listen to this update and then go to the class.” Felix and Scorch agreed.
“On February 24, Russia invaded its neighboring country, Ukraine. The two countries have been fighting since then. Usually, a war takes place on land, sea, and air. For example, soldiers and military fight on land. Military ships are used at sea. And military aircraft are used in the air.
But for the first time, even space got involved. Russia and Ukraine used space in the war,” Orak said. He was clearly surprised.
“How did the countries use space?” said Scorch.
Orak said, “There are more than 5,000 satellites in space. Satellites are machines that orbit the Earth. They can see what’s happening on the planet.
Russia and Ukraine are using these satellites to attack the enemy with accuracy. They also give warning of a missile attack. A missile is an exploding weapon that is sent through the air. It is very powerful. Satellites are also being used to see what’s happening in the war.”
“Woah,” Felix marveled. “This is quite like a space fight!”
“Tell me about it,” added Scorch.
Verum looked up at the clock and panicked, “But right now, let’s hurry! We are going to be late!”
The Mysticals quickly washed their plates and ran toward the classroom.