Today, we bring to you a dish invented by the Brazilian servants, or at least that’s what some historians say. As per this claim, servants would make a stew from leftover beans and meat provided to them by their owners – that’s feijoada.

But educators say that feijoada comes from Europeans, as beans were one of their main food items since it wasn’t very expensive to produce them. Europeans would add meat to the beans and make stews in large quantities.

However, the locals will tell you that it is a truly Brazilian dish. Though we know what you’re thinking – beans and meat together don’t sound too yum. The truth is, you need to develop a taste for feijoada, just like pineapples on pizza!

Typically, feijoada is enjoyed over the weekend with family and friends. Since it’s a rich, heavy dish, it must be eaten slowly and thoroughly enjoyed. Undoubtedly, it is called food for the soul!