If you haven’t watched the movie Monsters, Inc., then do watch it soon! There’s this big blue furry ogre with purple patches that looks a lot like the ‘Yeti’ who resides in the snowy Himalayas, India, and in the folklores that people still narrate.

Some mountaineers even claim to have seen him! They say he’s an ape-man (looking like an ape and a human).

This ‘Abominable Snowman’ has appeared in many movies, video games, and television shows. Remember Scooby-Doo? But it seems like the Yeti took birth in folklore. He is an ancient character in the history and legends of Sherpa, the communities living 12,000 feet above sea level in Nepal.

In those stories, the Yeti and Sherpa are usually shown at war with each other, and how they plan to defeat the other team. The creature appears in the stories as a gigantic ape-man with giant feet (of course) and long sharp teeth. Its fur is either white or grey.

Researchers said the hair samples and footprints found on the Himalayas that people say belong to a Yeti were a close match for bears, monkeys, and antelopes. Yeti-hunter Reinhold Messner believes that the Yeti is a bear! It’s possible that the Sherpa people made a villain version of a bear species and named it Yeti. People like crazy stories and not reality, he says. It’s true, though. We love crazy stories, don’t we?