The Gifted Four were ready to board Orak’s Tempus Machine. Felix was taking everyone to Indonesia to see the extremely rare baby zebra sharks being released into the wild after they were about to go extinct. Felix was positively hopping.

“I love your excitement,” Orak said ruffling Felix’s hair, “but I need you to stay stable for our trip!”

Felix blushed. “Yes yes, sorry! It just makes me so happy that humans are putting in amazing efforts to preserve and grow wildlife populations. The cute little zebra sharks this time,” he exclaimed, resisting the urge to jump.

“Zebra sharks? Zebra and sharks are two different creatures, aren’t they?” Scorch raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, they are different creatures but there is a shark that resembles a zebra. It has black and white stripes – hence the name – zebra shark. They are extremely rare in Indonesia and most of them were hunted down earlier. This brought down their count significantly.

But humans took corrective measures and bred them. Now they will be released into the ocean again.

An international team of 44 aquariums in 15 countries came together to create a huge captive-breeding-and-release program.

This program breeds such sharks in safe human environments and then plans to reintroduce the sharks to their native waters,” Felix explained.

“The zebra sharks really will not disappear then,” Scorch jumped.

“How many sharks are being released,” Verum asked.

“Five hundred!” Felix shared.

“I am truly happy and hopeful Planet Earth’s wildlife will be protected if humans continue with such efforts,” Verum agreed.