“Scorch, I’m about to surprise you. There is a new material on Earth that combines mice and helium. It’s called mycelium,” said Felix and showed the news.

Scorch fell on the floor laughing, “You’re so funny, Felix! It’s called mycelium and is found in mushrooms.”

Felix looked down, feeling embarrassed, “What is this mycelium?”

Scorch calmed herself down and replied, “Mycelium is a root-like structure in the soil where the mushroom grows. It has thousands of tiny filaments. A company, Meati, devised an idea to make food using this substance. It experimented with mycelium and tried making meat using it.”

“Plant-based meat! That’s interesting. Why did they use mycelium?” asked Felix.

Scorch explained, “Mycelium is easy to cultivate and grows in various waste wood products. Meati uses sugar to produce mycelium.

It is mainly made of fiber and doesn’t have any extra additives. The taste is much similar to steaks and grilled mushrooms.

Meati wanted to create a product where his consumers would enjoy their food with total satisfaction.”

“That’s innovative! Where is the firm growing the mycelium?” asked Felix.

Scorch replied, “It cultivates mycelium in big sugar tanks and heats them in a mega ranch in Montana, United States.”

“I can’t wait to try mycelium steaks!” said Felix with a grin.