Today, let’s meet the Mayoruna tribe that believes it has descended from jaguars! But that’s not why they’re called the Cat People. They get this name because the adults have toothpick-like nose piercings (that fan out like whiskers) and beautiful facial tattoos.
This unique tribe is native to the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon rainforests. And, unsurprisingly, they’re nature lovers.
Mayoruna loosely translates to ‘river people’. This tribe lives near the Yavari and Galvez rivers and depends on gathering and hunting to survive.
But here’s what we find most interesting about the Mayoruna: They associate each plant around them with an animal’s spirit! They believe that plants and animals have spirits just like humans and they can help to heal the human body and mind.
They’re truly working hard to retain their culture and beliefs, and fighting modern humans who are trying to ‘upgrade’ their lives and encroach upon their lands.