If you like winter and snow, you should read about the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. It is one of the biggest ice and snow festivals in the world! It takes place every winter in the northeast Heilongjiang province of China.

So, what happens at this festival? Well, every year a theme is decided, and based on it, ice and snow sculptures are made. And these aren’t small or simple sculptures. They’re big and unbelievable! In the past years, as per the themes, huge palaces (think of the Frozen movie), towers with proper ice bricks, large Buddhas, gardens, an ice steam train, The Great Wall, pyramids, and sphinxes were created!

Adding to this winter wonder are multicolored lights placed inside the transparent ice structures as well as around them. And when these lights are switched on during the festival nights, you’ll want to happily dance around the whole of China because your heart can’t contain that much joy!